Update 11/25/2018
An Important Technological Milestone has been Achieved!
This invaluable project is now moving in a direction which will make you say..HMMMMM!!!!

Odin Aircraft has relocated permanently to Taos County New Mexico !!!

Odin Aircraft is now available for aircraft servicing / maintenance and repair to the following airports and areas:

Taos   -   Questa   -   Angel Fire   -   Red River   -   Outlying strips and back country fields

Odin Aircraft is now equipped with a self-suffecient mobile service / repair vehicle and workshop and provides the following services:

ANNUAL Inspections

Airframe Major - Piston Engine Major - Turbine Engine Minor - Rotor Craft

ANNUAL Pricing:

Fixed gear single  - $500.00 Inspection Only
Retract Single  -       $750.00 Inspection Only
Multi-Engine -          $1250.00 Inspection Only
My overhead is low and I am passing on that savings to you!

Come to the incredible North New Mexico area and relax during your vacation and I will take excellent care of your aircraft at a price point you will enjoy!

I am a highly experienced and trained A&P/IA with TWO Honorable discharges from U.S. Navy Aviation and U.S. Coast Guard Aviation!

Fluent with: Grumman, Piper, Cessna, Bellanca, Sikorsky, Bell, Experimental,
Dassault FalconJet, Lockheed, Agusta, and many others!

Contact: (c) 321-305-7901 / email: [email protected]

Odin Aircraft's "Intrepid Explorer" design is the brainchild of www.globaldataresearch.org's Chief Scientist. The Intrepid Explorer is the world's ONLY clean sheet origination aircraft which is designed from the beginning to concurrently service persons of physical handicap of the lower extremeties and persons without physical handicap. This design is NOT a traditional aircraft which has been adapted! Further this aircraft concurrently addresses the prolific short-comings of every single solitary aircraft in existence - GLOBALLY.


The design of the Intrepid Explorer is not JUST for certain persons. The control arrangment is actually "Ideal" for ALL persons. I have engineered and placed the controls along with their method of operation in such a way as to make this aircraft's operation "Naturally Intuitive". 

Operating the Intrepid Explorer maens having unfettered access to the most remote locations. This model of aircraft is extreme STOL (short take-off and landing capable) with tundra tires and ample sized flight controls.

Further this design incorporates many firsts EVER in aviation! With your new Intrepid Explorer you can dial-in the flight control harmony you prefer with "Normal", "Slow", and "Fast" modes of aileron and elevator. In addition you may also alter the main landing gear Center of Gravity. This allows you to tailor your aircrafts' take-off and ground loading center of gravity based on YOUR requirements!

The Intrepid Explorer brings many "Firsts" to aviation in ways that are truly beneficial to YOU!

The Intrepid Explorer is an F.A.A. Legal Part 103 Ultralight available as both made-to-order "Fly-Away" and plans built for the metalsmith in you to explore aviation with higher intelligence.

In addition there are follow-on models of this ground breaking design for the experimental crowd, For the experimental versions of the Intrepid Explorer you have multiple choices:

Slow-Wing STOL / Heavy Lift Single Seat & Two-Place  Seating - Plans ONLY


Fast-Wing Medium Lift Single and Two-Place Commuter - Plans ONLY

Start a new aircraft rental concern! Part 103 Ultralights are legally allowed to be rented by the F.A.A.!